Breakfast (7am-11am)

(choice of bagel, English muffin, toast, add .75 for croissant)

  • Avocado breakfast sandwich
    Avocado breakfast sandwich $7.25

    (2 fried eggs, cheese, spinach, tomato, avocado, multiragrain)

  • Breakfast BLT
    Breakfast BLT $7.25

    (2 eggs, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo on focaccia)

  • Breakfast Sub
    Breakfast Sub $7.25

    (2 scrambled eggs, cheese, ham, sausage or bacon)

  • Breakfast Burrito
    Breakfast Burrito $7.99

    (2 scrambled eggs, sautéed onions/peppers, diced sausage and cheese)

  • Egg and Cheese
    Egg and Cheese $5.25

(with ham, bacon, or sausage)

  • $6.49

Three-Egg Omelets and Plates

(with choice of English muffin, toast)

  • Two-egg Special
    Two-egg Special $7.25

    (any style, bacon or sausage and toast)

  • Basic three-egg omelet
    Basic three-egg omelet $8.50

    (American cheese & tomatoes)

  • Garden Veggie
    Garden Veggie $9.50

    (baby spinach, peppers, onions, mushrooms, cheese)

  • Western
    Western $9.75

    (peppers, onions, ham, cheddar)

  • Florentine
    Florentine $9.25

    (baby spinach, tomato, mozzarella)

  • Greek
    Greek $9.50

    (tomato, feta, spinach, Kalamata olives)

  • Meat Lovers
    Meat Lovers $11.00

    (diced sausage, ham & bacon, cheddar)

  • Shroom and Goat
    Shroom and Goat $11.00

    (goat cheese, avocado, mushrooms, spinach)

  • Common Special
    Common Special $13.00

    (3 eggs any style, sausage, bacon, hash brown, 2 pc French toast)

  • Skillet Scramble
    Skillet Scramble $9.75

    (3 scrambled eggs, cheddar, spinach, thick diced ham)

  • French Toast Plate
    French Toast Plate $10.00

    (3 pcs French toast, bacon or sausage)

  • Bagel and cream cheese
    Bagel and cream cheese $3.50
  • Hash browns
    Hash browns $1.50


Cold Sandwiches

  • Italian Cold Cut
    Italian Cold Cut $12.00

    (ham, salami, hot capicola, provolone cheese, lettuce, hot peppers, oil & vinegar, onions, pickles)

  • Turkey Delight
    Turkey Delight $9.75

    (turkey, apple slices, romaine lettuce, crispy bacon, honey Dijon mustard on multigrain bread)

  • Mediterranean Chicken
    Mediterranean Chicken $9.75

    (grilled marinated chicken, romaine lettuce, red onions, hummus, roasted red peppers, and lemon oregano dressing on focaccia)

  • Horseradish Roast Beef
    Horseradish Roast Beef $10.50

    (lettuce, tomato, red onion, Provalone cheese, and horseradish sauce)

  • The
    The "Big Mike" $9.75

    (ham, turkey, bacon, Provolone, honey mustard on multigrain, "no veggies!" - Big Mike)

  • Angus Roast Beef Sub
    Angus Roast Beef Sub $10.50

    (herbed cheese spread, romaine, roast beef, caramelized onions on a baguette)

  • Tuna Salad
    Tuna Salad $9.75

    (lettuce, tomato)

  • Chicken Salad
    Chicken Salad $9.75

    (all white meat, lettuce, tomato)

  • Avocado BLT
    Avocado BLT $$9.75
  • Classic BLT
    Classic BLT $7.50
  • Turkey Club
    Turkey Club $9.75

Paninis & Melts

  • The Common Special
    The Common Special $9.75

    (pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, thin-sliced mortadella)

  • The Conway Twitty (avo-chicken club melt)
    The Conway Twitty (avo-chicken club melt) $10.50

    (cajun mayo, avocado, cheddar, bacon, onion; white or rye)

  • Turkey, Cheddar, Bacon
    Turkey, Cheddar, Bacon $9.25

    (bbq sauce, red onion)

  • Greek Chicken Wrap Panini
    Greek Chicken Wrap Panini $11.25

    (hummus, spinach, onion, feta, olives, roasted peppers)

  • Turkey Melt
    Turkey Melt $10.50

    (turkey, American cheese, tomato, red onion, Russian dressing on focaccia)

  • Tuna Melt
    Tuna Melt $10.50

    (cheese, onion, and tomato)

  • Chicken Florentine
    Chicken Florentine $10.50

    (grilled chicken, pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato)

  • Cajun Roast Beef
    Cajun Roast Beef $10.50

    (grilled chicken, pesto, fresh mozzarella, tomato)

  • Italian Panini
    Italian Panini $10.50

    (onion, hots, peppers, provolone, oil, olives, spinach, Italian cold cuts)

  • Grilled Ham and Swiss
    Grilled Ham and Swiss $8.25
  • Pesto Tomato Mozzarella
    Pesto Tomato Mozzarella $8.25
  • Grilled Cheese and Tomato
    Grilled Cheese and Tomato $6.00
  • Pesto, Mushroom, Swiss Melt
    Pesto, Mushroom, Swiss Melt $8.25


White, Wheat or Spinach (add chicken, tuna, chicken salad, or deli meat for $2.99)

  • Chicken Salad BLT Wrap
    Chicken Salad BLT Wrap $10.50
  • Buffalo Chicken
    Buffalo Chicken $10.50

    (mixed greens, tomato, onion, crumbled blue cheese)

  • Cool tuna
    Cool tuna $10.50

    (bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber)

  • Greek
    Greek $8.95

    (romaine lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, red onions, cucumbers, Kalamata olives)

  • Caesar
    Caesar $7.95

    (romaine lettuce, grated parmesan, homemade croutons, Caesar dressing)

  • Turkey Avocado BLT
    Turkey Avocado BLT $10.50

    (mayo, lettuce, tomato, turkey, cheddar, bacon, avocado)

  • Turkey Cordon Bleu
    Turkey Cordon Bleu $10.50

    (ham, Swiss, bacon, turkey, honey mustard, lettuce)

  • Garden Veggie
    Garden Veggie $10.50

    (hummus, mixed greens, avocado, onion, cucumber, roasted peppers, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms, Balsamic)

  • Autumn Wrap
    Autumn Wrap $10.50

    (mixed greens, dried cranberries, red onion, diced green apple, goat cheese, balsamic & walnuts)

Homemade soups

White, Wheat or Spinach (add chicken, tuna, chicken salad, or deli meat for $3.00)

  • 12 ounce $4.75

  • 16 ounce $5.50

  • Quart $9.25

Add small soup, side salad, or pasta salad to sandwich order ....................................................... $3.00


  • 12 ounce $5.29

  • 16 ounce $5.99


Add tuna salad, grilled chicken, chicken salad $3.25

  • Classic Garden
    Classic Garden $8.50

    (mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, red onion)

  • Greek
    Greek $9.50

    (mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, feta, bell peppers, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini)

  • Classic Caesar
    Classic Caesar $7.75

    (romaine, shredded parmesan, homemade croutons)

  • Chef salad
    Chef salad $10.95

    (garden salad topped with turkey, ham, Swiss, boiled egg)

  • Cobb Salad
    Cobb Salad $12.25

    (garden salad topped with diced chicken, bacon, eggs, avocado, bleu cheese)

  • Mediterranean
    Mediterranean $12.25

    (mixed greens, cucumber, onion, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, roasted peppers, chickpeas, green olives, pepperoncini)

  • Autumn
    Autumn $10.25

    (mixed greens, goat cheese, walnuts, dried cranberries, green apple)

  • Side Caesar
    Side Caesar $3.00
  • Side Garden Salad
    Side Garden Salad $3.75
  • Extra Dressing
    Extra Dressing $0.85

Home-baked desserts

  • Brownies
    Brownies $2.75
  • Pecan squares
    Pecan squares $4.00
  • Caramelita Bars
    Caramelita Bars $4.00

    (layers of caramel, chocolate, oatmeal and walnuts)

  • Large cookies
    Large cookies $2.25
  • Gourmet cookies
    Gourmet cookies $14.00/lb
  • Sliced cake
    Sliced cake $4.75

    (carrot cake / tiramisu)

  • Cheesecake Bon Bons
    Cheesecake Bon Bons $1.75

    Fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic (20 people)

  • Assorted Truffles
    Assorted Truffles $1.75


  • Iced Coffee
    Iced Coffee $2.75
  • Fresh-brewed Unsweeted Iced Tea
    Fresh-brewed Unsweeted Iced Tea $2.75

    (w/lemon wedge)

  • Hot Tea (12 or 16oz)
    Hot Tea (12 or 16oz) $1.95
  • Hot Coffee (12oz)
    Hot Coffee (12oz) $1.75
  • Hot Coffee (16oz)
    Hot Coffee (16oz) $2.25
  • Izze Sparkling Juice
    Izze Sparkling Juice $2.00

    (flavors vary)

  • Nantucket Nectars juices and teas
    Nantucket Nectars juices and teas $2.50
  • Seltzer Water
    Seltzer Water $1.95
  • Root Beer / Diet Root Beer
    Root Beer / Diet Root Beer $1.85
  • Orange Soda
    Orange Soda $1.85
  • Snapple / Diet Snapple
    Snapple / Diet Snapple $2.25

the Common cafe is temporarily closed on Mondays